Gary Reed, Athletics

2004 and 2008 Canadian Olympic Team
1996 BC Summer Games

Gary Reed is one of Canada’s most successful middle distance runners with multiple Canadian records, a silver medal from the 2007 World Championships and a fourth place finish at the 2008 Olympics.

It was the influence of great coaches in his hometown of Kamloops that started it all.  Gary attended the 1996 BC Summer Games in Trail, where he remembers being with his track team and following the action from the 1996 Olympic Games that were taking place at the same time.  In the basement of the BC Games accommodation site, a TV had been set up and he and his team watched Donovan Bailey win gold for Canada in the 100 meters.

It was intense but a great sense of pride for all of us being with the track team and at the BC Games.”

Looking back on his success it was all the experiences along the way that made the difference.

"My experience at the BC Summer Games was crucial and critical to performing well later at the Canada Games and then the Olympics.  It was exciting and exhilarating and gave me a crazy boost of motivation to continue forward."

Gary is now retired from competition but stays close to the world of athletics through the Reed Athletics Fund that he created to financially supports Canadian Olympic hopefuls in the sport of track and field.

Gary has returned to his roots and now lives in Kamloops with his wife and two young daughters.  Check out his website.

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