BC Summer and BC Winter Games Zones

In order to ensure that the BC Summer and BC Winter Games include participants from every part of the Province, as well as to help support each Provincial Sport Organization's work to spread their efforts and interest throughout the Province, the Province has been divided into eight Zones for participation in the Games.  The boundaries of the three lower mainland zones were redrawn in 2015 to reflect the the change in population.  For zone colour information (for printing and graphic work), refer to the Graphic Standards for Participants.

Click on the map to view the online map or select the zone links for specific details.  Click here for a PDF of the zone details.


(Zone 1)
(Zone 2)

Fraser Valley
(Zone 3)

Light Blue
Fraser River
(Zone 4)

(Zone 5)

Dark Green
Vancouver Island-Central Coast
(Zone 6

Light Green
North West
(Zone 7)

Cariboo-North East
(Zone 8)

Dark Blue

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